These groups have sung my arrangements

ClassRing   SAI 2019 International Champion Quartet

Skyline Chorus   Denver, CO, 2019 International Silver Medalist Chorus

Rocky Toppers   Barbershop Quartet

Secret Best Friends   Barbershop Quartet

VOLume   Men's A Cappella, University of Tennessee

ReVOLution   Women's A Cappella, University of Tennessee

Symphony of Voices   Choral, Knoxville, Tennessee

Bobcat Company   Choral, Knoxville Central High School

Pitch In   A Cappella, Knoxville Central High School

Truett Baptist Camp   A Cappella, Hayesville, North Carolina

What are people saying?

You have a very odd brain.  And this chart is incredible!

- A lady from Skyline Chorus  (Judy... Julie?)

Matthew, you've outdone yourself!

- Mike Tipton, Rocky Toppers

Matt!  This is tremendous, man.  I'm so glad to have this and get to learn it.

- James Pennington, Secret Best Friends

I absolutely love this.

- James Isley, Secret Best Friends

Dude this is so fun!  Please send some more music our way!

- Kaan Bey, Barbershop Istanbul

Oh snap, this is something else!

-Barack Obama, circa 2005

Baby, I love it!

Hailey Parks, ClassRing

"Wow, I love singing!"

Funny you should say that. So do I.

Check out these arrangements.

I should add that you don't have permission to download these without purchasing them

I should also add that we can arrange a purchase if you send me an email!

Barbershop Quartet

I Won't Say I'm in Love from Disney's Hercules (for ClassRing) 

Shamey Shamey Shame (for ClassRing)

Make Them Hear You from Ragtime

Somethin' About December (for ClassRing)

Touch the Sky from Disney's Brave (for ClassRing)

WinterWonderland (for ClassRing)

Come Josephine in My Flying Machine

Alice in Wonderland 

Pop A Cappella

I Will Follow You into the Dark (Mixed A Cappella)

To Make You Feel My Love (Female A Cappella)

To Make You Feel My Love (Male A Cappella)

Hillsong Medley (Mixed A Cappella)


Blackbird (SATB divisi and Soloist)

Silent Night (SSAATTBB)

More to be uploaded soon!  I also do commissions if you don't see something that you'd like to sing!

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